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The video installation “Entangled – Quantum Aesthetic Loves” explores poetically the experience of to look into someone’s eyes as an affective and multissensorial experience involving, beyond the conventional five, the sixth-sense taken as an elemental sense related to the phenomena of quantum entanglement (Radin, Dean) --- a perspective in which observer and observed are intimal intertwined. The eyes incorporate here a haptic function that emerges from the tension between the actors/attractors. Face to face, seated in a table, that remembers a pub’s small table, the audience is invited to experience the work performatively – the eyes captured by the IR webcams in the apparatuses that could be handled, are mixed in a live video projected onto the wall becoming simultaneous interferences in each other.


2012)EmMeios #4.0, #11.Art, Museu Nacional da República, Brasília, Brasil

Photos and videos credits: clarissa ribeiro, 2012