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Hammockers (2013) invites the audience for a performatic fruition. Lying in a deep blue hammock, together, holding each other, side by side, or from a distance,  the audience can visualize the reflex or translations in macro scale of subtle events like their body vibrations.  The hammock was bought in a region in the northeast of Brazil were it is traditionally used by the natives as their place where to sleep, rest or make love when they are married. Embroidered with 13 piezoeletric discs connected to an Arduino Mega, the body vibrations, sensed and translated by the apparatuses, interferes in the transparence of the live video captured by a IR webcam. The live video from the cam is superposed in the projection to a pre-recorded video that brings the idea of being apart, separated from a distance – images from the dunes in Fortaleza, captured from the inside of a car in movement. While an apparatus – semi-material mediator – the work brings a cross-scalar perspective, feeding discussions around the concept of Complex Affective Systems, experiencing the affectiveness in transcendence.

Renata La Rocca, Milena Szafir and Gabriel Lima


(2013) EmMeios #5.0, #12.Art, Museu Nacional da República,Brasília, Brasil

Catalogue (Portuguese) - PDF

Photos and videos credits: clarissa ribeiro, 2013