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four video recorded live performances integrate the interactive video installation "Intants of Metamorphosis 02" - "looking", "smelling", "touching", "tasting-listening". The project is inspired by the short story 'Animals that Live in the Mirror' (Borges) and the 'Treatise on the Sensations' (Condillac). Projected onto a water mirror surface on the ground, trapped on the other side of the mirror, the sensing beings follow the steps of the walkers looking, smelling, touching, tasting-listening in loop - antenarratives of the in-between.

with: Renata La Rocca, 'The Double' Art Collective


(2010) Espaço Cultural da FAAL - Faculdade de Administração e Artes, Limeira, Brasil

Photos and videos credits: clarissa ribeiro, 2010