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OIA -- Office For Imaginary Architectures ()
experimental architecture practice

navigating the intersections between creative practices, sciences and technologies

The root image need not be used only to mean representation (in the sense of one thing referring to something other than itself). To re-present can be defined as the shift in referential frames of the viewer from the space of events to the space of statements or vice versa. Imagining (as opposed to imaging) is not a pictorial preoccupation. Imagination is a projection, the exteriorizing of ideas about nature of things seen. It re-produces that which is initially without product. // Mel Bochner 1970

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the ritual swallowing by the Snake is to be interpreted as a return to the womb- on the one hand because the Snake is often described as female, on the other, because entering the belly of the divine also carries a symbolism of return to embryonic state...It represents not so much a ritual death followed by resurrection as a complete regeneration of the initiate through his gestation and birth by the Great Mother. // Mircea Eliade (Rites and Symbols of Initiation)