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Instants of Metamorphosis 01 (2009-2011)

Instants of Metamorphosis 01, is an interactive video installation that is the first emergence of a process-based collective work by the DOUBLE collective - Clarissa Ribeiro, Renata La Rocca and Graziele Lautenschlaeger. Inspired by the Pablo Valbuena's Augmented Sculpture, a video performance is projected onto a volumetric base that composes a subject-sculpture: a reference to the never-ending spiral one may climbs to acquire spiritual evolution. As one climbs, exploring the volumes, the video follows its movements, leaving stamped onto the ground, frozen instants of the performance, memories of the metamorphosis of the self. The work combines references as the Jorge Luis Borges' description of the A Bao A Qu in his Book of Imaginary Beings, with the perspective brought by Clarice Lispector in her emergent writing book The Stream of Life a chaotic consciousness process of a being without gender, an 'it', in dialogue with the self, the other, space and time; a being instants of metamorphosis.



V simposio ABCIBER, Florianópolis, Brazil, 2011

Voodoohop das Resoluções Irreais,Ego (antiga Ocean)
Friday, 21 January 2011, 23:00