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Interstellar: Cross-Scale Space-Scapes

a collaboration with:

Mick Lorusso, Art|Sci Center and Lab, UCLA, USA
Herbert Rocha, University of Fortaleza – UNIFOR, Brazil

Small organic-rich particles of stardust, coming from the outer solar system and beyond, may have played important roles in the origin of life. Emerging from nebulae, the graveyards and birthplaces of stars, stardust tells us the story of the universe and ourselves. Conceived as a peaceful and playful exploration of the interstellar space, this augmented reality and sound installation invites the audience to access the experiential dimension of space technologies and how the huge amount of data derived from space exploration can be accessed, appropriated, integrated into the artist’s poetics and experienced by the audience. The audience is invited to walk through a softly illuminated room where a few transparent cables come from the ceiling having small augmented reality markers in its extremities. Holding an ipad mini while exploring the space, one will find him/herself immersed in a soundscape populated with 3D models derived from actual micro scale images.  The 3D models are generated via parametric design strategies from NASA Stardust Discovery-class mission's database images of aerogel samples, which have captured cosmic dust particles. The mission was the first to return samples from a comet and from interstellar space. The soundscape, or the soundtrack for navigating this Augmented Reality interstellar space, is a composition  using a combination of sounds derived from  images of identified stardust particles in nano scale from  NASA Stardust mission's database taken (its pixels) as rawdata for sonification using Adobe Audition. Both the exercise of designing the 3D representations for the Augmented Reality application from original micro scale image samples and  the sonification projects having nano scale images as rawdata are part of an interventionist creative practice where different strategies for editing and data visualization were explored, producing data-environments as informational sensorial experiences – somehow touching the untouchable space between the stars. The installation is a tribute to Hélio Oiticica’s radical series of red and yellow ‘Spatial Reliefs’ (1960).

sound composition

// If you wanna play with the 3D compositions, please download the above .jpg files with the AR markers and the scanner/application at

- markers_01 (download the jpg)

- markers_02 (download the jpg)

* if you don't want to print the markers, just download the application at your smartphone app store and scan the markers directly from the poster available above in this page.

Images of the exhibition at CCU Rogellio Salmona, ISEA 2017, Manizales/Colombia on Instagram: 

NASA Stardust Discovery-class mission's database: