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Invisible Private: Cross-Scale shortvideo experiments

Iexperimental video
Duration: 1:40:02
Device: iPhone 5S (modelo A1533) and laser pointers' lens
Edition: Adobe Premiere Pro

In the series of experimental videos ‘Invisible Private’ (2016)  is part of, the artist meant to explore the perceptual universe of schizophrenia, adapting an iPhone 5S (model A1533) to capture microscopic images of body and immediate environment surfaces not visible to humans' naked eyes.  The result is a chaotic and arrhythmic transition of blurred images where the unclear and uncertain aspect is produced not by applying video effects but by exploring the adapted apparatus itself – from macro to micro, a sequence of long takes. How does a person diagnosed with schizophrenia perceive the limits between the self and the world around, the imadiate space, the city nd its soundscape? According to a research about Motion Perception in Schizophrenia (vision lab, harvard, 1999), eye tracking disfunction has been found in many patients with schizophrenia and in about 40% of their first dregree biological relatives.