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MindRemix [navigational extra-sensorium](2015)

in collaboration with Milena Szafir

“MindRemix [navigational extra-sensorium]” (2015) is an experimental media art and sciences project that, by reading, processing and sonifying body signals from what the artists refer as ‘the heart-brain complex’, invites the audience to travel from Aristotle’s cardiocentric model, to recent groundbreaking researches in the field of neurocardiology that provides an understanding of the elaborate anatomy and physiology of the cardiac nervous system, contributing to understand its neuronal processing and memory capabilities, and the heart-brain interdependence related to emotional dynamics and physiological synchronization.

The project includes a wearable ‘semi-material apparatus’, integrating heart beat sensors working as inputs to allow the users to navigate video memories using readings of their own ‘heart-brain complex waves’. The soundtrack of the experience, generated via data sonification, is a fuzzy composition from beats and fragments of the electromagnetic flux through the complex. The informational core of the projects is a databank that directs the choices with approximately 100 words related to the experience of the sublime – to strong unusual emotions awaken by situations, objects, and, ultimately, by sensory and extrasensory perceptions.  This databank works as a ‘mnemonic structure’ that opens series of ‘doors of perception’ to search, remix and experience videos that could correspond to or awake astonishing, terrifying, sublime memories.  Additional discussions related to the emergence and fuzzy-logic aesthetic (disruptive) of the experience produced by the fruition of this interactive video installation are being structured and fully discussed by Milena Szafir in her Ph.D. Thesis by the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the projects, a complex of electrodes and piezo generators is integrate in a wearable apparatuses that has, connected to a raspberry pie, a small projector that makes the remixed video memories to be subtlety integrated to the surrounding environment, extending the immersive fruition to the whole perceptional space.

work produced in collaboration with Milena Szafir and presented at:

SID 2015 (NYC)

ISEA 2015 (Vancouver)