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Non-Local Affesctiveness Workshop

HNRS 177 SEM 1 CLASS, Professor Victoria Vesna.
Workshop on "Non-Local Affectiveness", on April 24th 2014, UCLA, DMA



Quantum physics presents a picture of reality in which observer and observed are inextricably interwoven in an intimate way the idea is to explore non-local affectiveness in experiences that, involving the built of subtle apparatuses, are structured by a cross-scalar idea of an infinite regression of the multiple selves we are.

plan for the workshop:

  • A 15 minutes presentation about the topic (theoretical references and examples in art --- artist works included);
  • Let students try the Mind Flex and the DMLS experiment (electrodes and a camera – remote steering)  --- recording the comments and reactions;
  • Give the groups 1 hour to the students to work in a collective panel (one idea interfering in the other), building semantic panels on the walls (I will give them some magazines, wires, scissors, glue, etc.);
  • In the meanwhile record each one's answer to the questions sent previously before the workshop.
  • Have a final collective/emergent presentation of the ideas.

References for the students to read before the session:
Love-in-Idleness: Quantum Entanglement Dreamscapes (Clarissa Ribeiro/ Milena Szafir):,id=13265/

Dean Radin’s reference list on psi and quantum (you can explore several papers randomly):

Synchronistic Phenomena as Entanglement Correlations in Generalized Quantum Theory:

The Psi-bernetic Arch (Roy Ascott):