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Owner of a Lonely Heart (2014/2015)

* In collaboration with Huanqi Zhu, researcher in Chemistry, from James Gimzewski’s research group.

The 8(eight) screenshots that integrate the piece are traces of an observation – a scientist measuring the heartbeat of a “zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryo’s lonely heart”. In the procedure, the heart was extracted from the body in search for more precise measurements. The interval from life to death varies – it can last around one minute or so – "[...] a longer time is better, giving the scientist more time to observe/create influence", as points Huanqi Zhu. After collecting/recording the data, the scientist generated the graphs using the software OriginPro 8.1 and started zooming in different regions looking for specific points where the patterns fits his expectations according to the main purposes of the research. In this specific case, according to Huanqi Zhu,“[…] the purpose of this experiment was to study the beating pattern of zebrafish at different developing stage (i.e. different age). The beating pattern can serve as marker to help identify the healthy heart beat and mutant heart beat (sick fish). This can in turn be used to test drugs that can improve the function of heart.”

In this work, the artist invites the audience to think about the role of observation in the creation of reality – a basilar concept in Quantum Physics. These ideas provide a special role for observation in the creation of reality - by becoming the active agent that collapses quantum possibilities into actualities. This intrinsic connection is illustrated by the Erwin Schrödinger’s Cat Paradox that implies a spectacular macroscopic effect of observation – staring at a cat can cause it to live or die. The apparatus is systemic – the micro electrode where the heart is placed and accommodated, the electronic microscope, the cameras, computer hardware and software, the human eye, the human heart beat – all intertwined as part of this observational semi-material apparatus that creates the observation itself.

The environmental sound is derived from the dataset - Full range of data, sampling rate 1000Hz. The artist manipulated the data using the software Audacity and Adobe Audition, startig by altering the speed to -98,000 and set up the frequency to 528Hz – the one used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA.


Solo exhibition of the artist in LA: "Performing Quantum Entanglement: Subtle Apparatuses for Extrasensory Affectiveness". Art|Sci Gallery, 5th Floor CNSI (California NanoSystems Institute), UCLA,Los ANgeles, from June 5th to July 5th 2014. Opening Reception: Thursday, June 5th | 5-7 p.m. (Poster)

Solo exhibition of the artist in Shanghai: "Subtle Apparatuses for Nonlocal Affectiveness". Roy Ascott Studio Gallery, 8th Floor DeTao, SIVA Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts 
from February 20th to March 20th 2015. 
Opening Reception:
Friday, February 27th | 5-7 p.m.