statement of research

statement of research

My research as Postdoctoral Scholar in Arts and artist in residence at the UCLA Art|Sci Center and Lab, fully funded by the bi-national Fulbright Commission (US/Brazil) consisted in the exploration of transpersonal states of consciousness and non-local communication phenomena. It was an opportunity to expanding the understanding of the living and its behavioral informational integrations from my PhD studies and subsequent explorations in media arts in a series of interactive experimental art installations I developed in conversation with my fellow colleagues from Professor James Gimzewski Lab, UCLA Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, joining the research updates of the group of scientists and opening up my poetics to cross contaminations. The UCLA has precious publication in its Libraries to which I have the pleasure to have access, such as conference proceedings from the 1960s where we see side by side conference papers on electrical engineering and remote communication phenomena such as remote viewing, and telepathy. related publication: Love-in-idleness: Quantum entanglement dreamscapes The artworks produced as outcomes during this period were part of a series I called’ Subtle Apparatuses for Extrasensory Affectiveness’, integrating a concise exhibition at the Art|Sci Gallery, CNSI – California NanoSystems Institute, UCLA, in Los Angeles, from June 5 th to July 5 th , 2014 – "Performing Quantum Entanglement: Subtle Apparatuses for Extrasensory Affectiveness" . The ‘subtle apparatuses’, could be understood as semi-material systems conceived as exercises on experimental metaphysics – mediating interactions in scales beyond the macro. The term relates to Professor Michael Punt’s considerations about ‘semi-material’ objects - a ‘class of objects that emanate in our fullest relationship with the world as necessary mnemonics to our affective dimension’. Outcomes were published in international conferences proceeding and journals – i.e. ISEA 2015, Vancouver, CHK Journal (A Journal of Second Order Cybernetics, Autopoiesis & Cybersemiotics) Related publications: http://www.chkjournal.com/node/235 https://isea2015.org/proceeding/submissions/ISEA2015_submission_288.pdf My most recent research incursions and art works connects microbiome engineering and personality transplants to quantum biology and chemoinformatics in the effort to discuss and fully define the neologism Molmedia I introduced a few years ago in a paper related to the twentieth Consciousness Reframed conference of the Planetary Collegium, Beijing, 2017 to describe cross-scale informational processes who impact life, human and non-human informational existences, as observable macro scale phenomena in the planet and the cosmos. Related publication: https://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/intellect/ta/2018/00000016/00000002/art00002

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