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Stardust:Pixels as rawdata for sonification

To take part in this workshop please contact Clarissa Ribeiro  directly via email:

As both a celebration of the perspective brought by George Lucas in his Star Wars saga – that will be 40 years old in 2017, and a peaceful and playful exploration of the interstellar space, a group of artists coming from culturally, economically and politically distinct ‘universes’ such as Brazil, US and China, invite to investigate in this workshop the experiential dimension of space technologies and how the huge amount of data derived from space exploration can be accessed, processed and visualized. Sonification as the  process of displaying any type of data or measurement as sound has been largely used by scientists to process data more rapidly and to detect more details than through visual analysis.

For the workshop, the team of artist proposes to explore strategies for sound editing to give the sound derived from images of stardust particles in nano scale available in online databanks such as the NASA ones different acoustic textures.  A free, open source, cross-platform audio software – Audacity –, for multi-track recording and editing will be used to allow taking the stardust nanoparticles’ images as rawdata for the sonification projects. Images selected by the artists will be given to the participants that have to bring their  laptops and headphone as well as to install the above mentioned audio software. After testing different ways to sonify the data/pixels, the editing process will be guided and supervised by the artists. The outcome is expected to be a collective production that will integrate the augmented reality immersive installation:

- Interstellar: Cross-Scale Space-Scapes(2016-2017)

an example os space data sonification from NASA: Here, the Sound of Interstellar Space: you can hear a wave of particles wiggle interstellar plasma -- data that revealed Voyager had entered this new region:

To download the cross-platform audio software – Audacity:

Another rawdata sonification projects by Clarissa Ribeiro:

- Owner of a Lonely Heart(2014-2015)

- Ulysses Pact (2016)

workshop team:

- Clarissa Ribeiro, CrossLab, University of Fortaleza, Brazil
- Mick Lorusso, Art|Sci, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
- Stavros Didakis, Roy Ascott Studio, SIVA-DeTao, Shanghai, China
- Clara Reial, CrossLab, University of Fortaleza, Brazil
- Andressa Hadig Haidar, CrossLab, University of Fortaleza, Brazil